Multi Nuzzles Vacuum Dispensing System


Product Description

The VDS P (Power) Vacuum Dispensing System is a high-performance solution designed by Scheugenpflug for demanding series production environments. This system is particularly effective for medium-sized or small components, offering premium quality potting at very high production volumes. Equipped with three motion axes, an automatic cup position, and a multi-piston dispenser, the VDS P can handle several components simultaneously in a single evacuation cycle. This feature significantly reduces cycle times, making it an ideal choice for applications where time is a critical factor.

Key Features

  • Designed for fast, premium quality potting of medium-sized or small components
  • Capable of potting multiple components per evacuation, ensuring short cycle times
  • Equipped with a multi-piston dispenser (2 to 8 nozzles) for high-performance dispensing
  • Powerful vacuum pump for effective evacuation and high-quality potting
  • XYZ axis system for precise dispensing contours under vacuum
  • Heated dispensing unit and tubes for optimal material handling
  • Intuitive operation with UViS 5 visualization software
  • Automated weighing – inline for consistent dispensing quality and fewer rejects
  • Suitable for safety-relevant and highly functional components

Technical Specification

  • Potting and insulation of electronic components
  • Conformal coating for environmental protection
  • Vacuum bonding for strong and reliable adhesions
  • Ideal for self-leveling casting resins
  • Potting of coil products, transformers, and LED potting

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