Multi functionnal Dispensing System

CN Cell

Product Description

The CNCell from Scheugenpflug is a multi-functional dispensing cell designed for high flexibility in medium and large batch production. This cell is built on standardized modules, which can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. The wide range of available dimensions, production processes, parts handling options, and material flow or machine control units allows for a completely customizable setup. The scalable, modular design of the CNCell ensures quick adaptation to changes in process and batch size, offering superior performance and high-level planning and investment security. It effectively supports the standardization of processes worldwide.

Key Features

  • High flexibility for medium and large batch production
  • Customizable setup based on standardized modules
  • Wide range of dimensions and production process options
  • Flexible parts handling and material flow control
  • Quick adaptation to process and batch size changes
  • High axis speeds for short cycle times
  • Comprehensive process monitoring and quality control options
  • User-friendly operation with UViSneo visualization
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications including sealing, potting, and adhesive bonding

Technical Specification

  • Modular construction for different degrees of automation
  • Variable system equipment for diverse applications
  • Precise dispensing contours with XYZ axis system
  • Easy access via safety light curtain or door systems
  • Integrated quality assurance with needle measurement and weighing unit modules
  • Comprehensive real-time bead inspection with RTVision image processing systems

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