Mobile SMT component position checking storage rack

NeoLight Mobile Plus

Product Description

Neo Light Mobile Plus is an advanced SMT component storage rack that combines enhanced pick to light technology with mobility, offering near-production SMT material supply. This innovative system is designed to transport SMD materials directly to the production line while maintaining real-time inventory information, even during transit. It incorporates AI-based sensors for precise SMT reel position verification, making it an essential tool for efficient and error-minimized material management in SMT production environments.

Key Features

  • AI-based sensor technology for accurate SMT reel position checking
  • Mobility feature for near-production material supply
  • Eliminates time wastage in material searching and retrieval from different locations
  • SMT reel added/removed detection for accurate inventory management
  • Work Order and Job List-driven SMT reel picking
  • Real-time inventory tracking, even when materials are in transit
  • Compact design for easy transport and proximity to SMT production lines
  • Pick to Light technology with enhanced location sensor for material addition/removal detection
  • Automated inventory updates upon material addition or removal
  • SMF (Smart Material Flow) software integration for comprehensive material control
  • Connectivity features for seamless integration with pick and place machines, IT systems, ERP, SCM, MES, and WMS
  • Comprehensive traceability for monitoring the movement of electronic components
  • Advanced reporting system for real-time, dynamic reports and custom dashboards

Technical Specification

  • System Dimension: 965 x 410 x 1175 mm
  • Maximum capacity of: 120 SMT reels
  • Compatibility with: 7, 13, and 15-inch SMT reels
  • Touch screen option

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