Mid to Hight Volume Dispensing System

DC 803

Product Description

The DispensingCell DC803 represents a new era in high-performance, multifunctional dispensing cells, tailored for demanding dispensing applications in series production. Designed to handle short cycle times and large quantities, this cell is built on standardized modules that can be individually assembled to meet specific requirements. It is compatible with all Scheugenpflug dispensers and material preparation and/or feeding units, allowing for a customized setup to suit unique application needs. The DC803 offers high flexibility for medium to large quantities and is adaptable in terms of equipment scope and automation degree, ensuring efficient and economical operation.

Key Features

  • High-performance cell for demanding dispensing applications
  • Ideal for series production with short cycle times and large quantities
  • Based on standardized, individually assembled modules
  • Compatible with all Scheugenpflug dispensers and material preparation/feeding units
  • Flexible configuration in terms of equipment and automation
  • Extensive options for process monitoring
  • UViS 5 control unit for optimal visualization of the dispensing process
  • UPiC 5 programming tool for easy creation of dispensing programs
  • High flexibility for varying component encapsulation and changing capacities

Technical Specification

  • Models available: X x Y 1000 x 1100, 1180 x 1300, 1380 x 1300
  • Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 1000 x 1100 x 2385 mm*, 1180 x 1300 x 2385 mm*, 1380 x 1300 x 2385 mm*
  • Axis speed: X/Y: 600 mm/s, Z: 200 mm/s
  • Repeatability: X/Y: +/- 0.05 mm, Z: +/- 0.02 mm
  • Control unit: Beckhoff industrial computer with Windows 10

*Height includes signal lamp

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