Maximizing PCBA Machine Performance and Uptime

Machine Control

Product Description

Cogiscan’s Machine Control application is a robust solution designed to enhance PCBA quality and maximize equipment utilization on SMT lines. This application is pivotal in preventing machine downtime in electronics manufacturing. It supports a wide range of machine types, including legacy models, and is integral in ensuring that manufacturing processes are set up and executed according to plan. The application encompasses both Setup & Process Control and Maintenance Control, aiming to maximize profit margins through efficient and reliable machine operation.

Key Features

  • Setup & Process Control: Ensures manufacturing processes are accurately set up, supporting both online and offline setups. This module validates components, tooling, consumables, program/recipe, and machine settings & parameters.
  • Smart Feeder Support: Compatible with advanced feeder technologies for precise component handling.
  • Legacy Machine Support: Offers compatibility with a wide range of machine types, including older models.
  • Operator Friendliness: Designed for ease of use, enhancing operator efficiency and accuracy.
  • Maintenance Control: Aims to save time and money by preventing unforeseen machine downtime through time and threshold-based maintenance, warning alarms, and maintenance reports.
  • Downtime Prevention: Tracks and manages both preventative and corrective maintenance activities to minimize equipment downtime.

Technical Specification

  • Setup Validation: Comprehensive validation of every element of the SMT machine setup.
  • Maintenance Reporting: Detailed reports for tracking and managing maintenance activities.
  • Integration Capabilities: Supports integration with storage towers and placement machines for enhanced productivity.
  • Brand Support: Compatible with over 20 brands of placement machines and storage towers.
  • Quality Enhancement: Automatically stops machines if any aspect of the setup or process is incorrect, thereby enhancing overall PCBA quality.
  • Equipment Utilization: Maximizes machine capacity while avoiding unplanned downtime.

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