Material Preparation System

Barrel Agitator Station

Product Description

The Barrel Agitator Station from Scheugenpflug is specifically developed for 200-liter barrels and is ideal for applications with high material consumption. This station ensures the delivery of homogenous and tempered potting material, and is particularly effective in preparing moisture-sensitive materials from large containers. When combined with the LiquiPrep LP804 material preparation and feeding system, it excels in agitating and tempering self-leveling media. An optional eccentric screw pump variant is available for feeding highly viscous media up to 70,000 mPa∙s directly to the dispenser, bypassing the need for an additional preparation stage.

Key Features

  • Designed for comprehensive processing of 200-liter barrels
  • Ensures bubble-free and homogenous potting material
  • Suitable for moisture-sensitive media
  • Maintains consistent material quality, even after production breaks
  • Optional vacuum potting up to 100 mbar without intermediate preparation
  • Complete evacuation of 200-liter barrels using a powerful vacuum pump
  • Easy and safe operation with lifting unit, fill-level monitor, and two-hand safety control
  • Infinitely adjustable agitation of the potting compound
  • Temperature control for the material tank
  • Optional direct feeding of potting material to the dispenser
  • Optional processing of higher viscosity media up to 70,000 mPa∙s

Technical Specification

  • The basic model operates in conjunction with the LiquiPrep LP804 system
  • Ideal for agitating and tempering self-leveling media
  • Optional eccentric screw pump for feeding highly viscous media
  • Ensures homogenous and bubble-free potting material
  • Suitable for large-scale applications with high material consumption

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