Manual Vacuum Dispensing System


Product Description

The VDS B (Basic) Vacuum Dispensing System from Scheugenpflug is engineered for high-quality, cost-effective batch production under vacuum. This system is particularly suitable for large to extra-large workpieces, ensuring bubble-free and homogeneous potting. The VDS B is designed without axes, making it ideal for applications where moving the workpieces is not necessary or possible. This feature also allows for easier scalability of the vacuum chamber. The system includes a dispensing unit for 1C or 2C potting media and utilizes the LiquiPrep LP804 for bubble-free feeding of the potting medium. Powerful vacuum pumps evacuate the space around the components, guaranteeing high-quality potting even for challenging dispensing tasks.

Key Features

  • Optimized for bubble-free potting of large to extra-large workpieces
  • Suitable for cost-effective batch production under vacuum
  • Dispensing unit for 1C or 2C potting media
  • Utilizes LiquiPrep LP804 for consistent, bubble-free material feeding
  • Powerful vacuum pump for effective evacuation and high-quality potting
  • Scalable vacuum chamber due to the absence of axes
  • Intuitive operation with UViS 5 visualization software
  • Ideal for applications with high component reliability requirements

Technical Specification

  • Potting and insulation of electronic components
  • Conformal coating for protection against environmental factors
  • Vacuum bonding for strong, reliable adhesions
  • Suitable for self-leveling casting resins
  • Potting of coil products and transformers
  • LED potting for enhanced durability and performance

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