Manual Desktop Gang Programmer

Flash Pak III

Product Description

The FlashPAK III is the world’s most trusted manual desktop gang programmer, widely recognized in the electronics manufacturing industry. Known for its reliability and precision, the FlashPAK III has been instrumental in programming millions of devices in everyday products. It is meticulously designed, mirroring the attention to detail, quality, and reliability found in Data I/O’s automated programming systems.

Key Features

  • Incorporates FlashCORE III, the industry’s most trusted universal programming engine with extensive device support
  • Designed for manual operation in a desktop setting with a small footprint and ergonomic low profile design
  • Unique socket Actuator Bar for starting the programming process
  • Capable of running multiple units simultaneously to increase production throughput
  • Ability to program up to four devices in parallel
  • Configurable FPGA for optimized programming for current and future needs
  • High-speed programming capabilities with advanced data transfer technology
  • Ideal for applications in Automotive Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Medical Electronics

Technical Specification

  • Offers read/write speeds greater than 10 MBytes per second (80 Mbits/s) for capable devices
  • Fast downloads over 100 Base-T Ethernet connection
  • Product Dimensions: 235mm (Width) x 340mm (Depth) x 150mm (Height)

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