Low Volume Dispensing

DPL 2001

Product Description

The DosPL DPL2001 Low Volume Dispenser by Scheugenpflug represents a leap in precision and high-precision dosing, catering to the increasing miniaturization of components in various electronics sectors. This advanced dispenser enables micro-dispensing down to the μl range, making it ideal for applying the smallest dots, finest lines, and micro-fillings. Its innovative design allows for displacement-free micro-dispensing, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the application of even the smallest volumes.

Key Features

  • Capable of handling smallest volumes up to the μl range, ensuring high precision in dispensing
  • Offers flexible dispensing rates and a wide volume range, accommodating diverse application needs
  • Comprehensive process monitoring options for enhanced control and reliability
  • Suitable for both filled and abrasive materials, providing versatility in material handling
  • Features a new displacement-free valve system for robust performance and short valve switching times
  • Incorporates advanced sensors and software for continuous dispensing pressure monitoring
  • Designed to deliver high dispensing accuracy combined with fast cycle times, suitable for highly automated production lines

Technical Specification

  • Dispenses 1C materials from 0.003 ml to 2 ml and 2C materials from 0.006 to 4 ml
  • Equipped with powerful servo technology and individual drive per component
  • Features a lifting unit with increased stiffness and direct force transmission
  • Dispensing head size of 2ml, capable of handling even highly viscous media
  • Process control system for monitoring and controlling dispensing pressure and valve status
  • Optional advanced mixing tubes for precise and homogenous mixing

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