Intelligent SMD Component storage system

SMD Box Siso

Product Description

SMD BOX SISO, developed by Neotel Technology, is an intelligent SMD storage system designed to automate the storage and retrieval of SMT reel materials. This system, functioning as an SMD tower, simplifies the process of managing SMT reels by using a smart camera system to read material information in both 1D and 2D formats. The internal robotics arms of the SMD BOX SISO efficiently transfer materials to their assigned locations, updating the inventory information in real-time. This system is particularly effective in supporting kitting and material replenishment processes in production, automating operations with the aid of SMF software.

Key Features

  • Manual SMT reel load and unload with Single Input & Single Output (SISO) functionality
  • AGV compatibility for unmanned transport operations
  • 1D/2D code recognition for accurate material identification
  • MSD (Moisture Sensitive Devices) control for maintaining material quality
  • ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) safe design for protecting sensitive components
  • SMF (Smart Material Flow) software integration for comprehensive material control and automation
  • Connectivity features for seamless integration with existing IT systems, including ERP, SCM, MES, and WMS
  • Comprehensive traceability for monitoring the movement of SMT materials
  • Advanced reporting system for real-time, dynamic reports and custom dashboards

Technical Specification

  • System Dimension: 1450 x 1450 x 2940 mm and weight of 750 kg.
  • Maximum capacity of 1000 SMT reels
  • Compatibility with 7, 13, and 15-inch SMT reels
  • 220V power supply for efficient operation
  • Environment: 15 – 30 degrees c
  • Humidity: 10 – 60 %
  • Nitrogen Generator: Option
  • Dehumidification System: Option

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