Inline intelligent SMD Component storage system


Product Description

SMD BOXi, an innovative inline SMD storage system by Neotel Technology, is designed to integrate seamlessly into SMT production lines. This system enhances the efficiency of the production process by managing Work In Process (WIP) materials, including solder paste, reel, and tray materials, without interrupting PCB travel. The SMD BOXi stands out for its ability to store essential production materials directly in the line, thereby optimizing the workflow and space utilization in SMT manufacturing environments.

Key Features

  • Inline material management for seamless integration into SMT production lines
  • IoT communication capabilities with pick and place machines
  • Storage of reel and tray materials, as well as solder paste
  • Dual lane design for efficient space utilization and workflow optimization
  • Enhanced production line efficiency by managing WIP materials
  • 1D/2D code recognition for accurate material identification
  • MSD (Moisture Sensitive Devices) control for maintaining material quality
  • ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) safe design for protecting sensitive components
  • SMF (Smart Material Flow) software integration for comprehensive material control and automation
  • Connectivity features for seamless integration with existing IT systems, including ERP, SCM, MES, and WMS
  • Comprehensive traceability for monitoring the movement of SMT materials
  • Advanced reporting system for real-time, dynamic reports and custom dashboards

Technical Specification

  • System Dimension: 1400 x 1120 x 2000 mm and weight of 550 kg.
  • Compatibility material: Reel, Tray, Solder paste
  • Maximum capacity of 400 SMT reels
  • Compatibility with 7, 13 SMT reels
  • 220V power supply for efficient operation

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