Inline ICT Tester

Multi-Site Inline

Product Description

The TestStation Multi-Site Inline by Teradyne is a sophisticated test system designed to significantly enhance test capacity in manufacturing environments. It offers a high-speed automation solution that delivers two to four times greater test capacity compared to traditional single-site systems. This system is particularly effective in reducing floor space and power requirements, making it an ideal choice for modern, streamlined production facilities.

Key Features

  • Multi-Site Test Architecture: Enables true parallel production testing, allowing for the concurrent testing of two, three, or more boards, effectively eliminating production bottlenecks.
  • Seamless Inline Integration: Designed for straightforward integration into inline automation and material-handling systems, residing completely within the line automation equipment footprint.
  • High-Speed Automated Inline Handler: Features a dual-scissors design for accurate parallel platen control, ensuring nail-to-test point accuracy with a powerful servo motor for high-speed, precise control.
  • Zero-Footprint Design: Fits most automated handlers with a compact design, reducing the required factory floor space.
  • SMEMA Compatibility: Ensures compatibility with standard automation equipment for easy integration.

Technical Specification

  • Base System and Handler: Includes synchronized analog and digital subsystems, configurable with various models for different pin capacities, and equipped with an automatic vacuum control for single and dual well fixtures.
  • System Software: Supports Windows 7, offering a range of test and diagnostic software tools, including advanced AutoDebug, TestStation Debug Pro, and automatic fault coverage grading.
  • Analog Hardware: Features a comprehensive measurement matrix, programmable sources, and a wide range of voltage and current options for versatile testing capabilities.
  • Digital Hardware: Provides common driver characteristics with programmable drive levels, sensor characteristics, and clock generation/synchronization features.
  • Hardware Options: Offers expandable test points, flexible power supply packages, and various board options like UltraPin II 121, 121A, 124, 124L, 128L, 128HD, or Multi-Function Application Board.

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