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TestStation LX

Product Description

The TestStation LX is a robust in-circuit test solution tailored for high-volume electronics manufacturers. It is designed to provide reliable and high-quality testing for the latest printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) technologies. This system is ideal for complex board testing, offering a configurable setup that can handle a wide range of test points, making it suitable for large, complex, and heavily integrated PCBs.

Key Features

  • High Pin Count Capability: The TestStation LX can be configured from 256 to 7,680 test points, accommodating large and complex PCBs.
  • Exceptional Diagnostic Accuracy: Ensures precise fault detection and troubleshooting.
  • Designed for Fast Test Throughput: Optimized to enhance production efficiency with quick testing capabilities.
  • Safe and Reliable Electrical Testing: Delivers accurate and dependable test results, crucial for high-quality electronics manufacturing.
  • High Capacity Test Solution: Configurable up to 7,680 test pins, making it suitable for testing heavily integrated PCBs.
  • Support for Multiple Pin Card Slots: Can support up to 30 pin card slots, offering flexibility in testing various PCB designs.

Technical Specification

  • Configurable Test System: Supports various configurations with 128L, 128HD, and 124 Hybrid pin cards.
  • Built-in Features for Complex PCB Testing: Equipped with specialized features to handle the testing of large and heavily integrated PCBs.
  • Standard TestStation Platform Features: Inherits the reliable and efficient features of the TestStation platform, ensuring consistent performance.

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