ICT Tester High-capacity

TestStation LX2

Product Description

he TestStation LX2 by Teradyne is a high-capacity in-circuit test system, engineered specifically for testing large, complex, and heavily integrated printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). It stands out as Teradyne’s largest pin count in-circuit test system, configurable up to 15,360 pins. This system is designed to deliver safe, accurate, and reliable electrical testing with exceptional diagnostic accuracy, making it ideal for complex board testing.

Key Features

  • High Pin Count Configuration: Capable of being configured up to 15,360 test pins using UltraPin II 128HD pin cards.
  • Compatibility: Fully compatible with TestStation LX test fixtures.
  • Complex PCB Testing: Equipped to handle large, complex, and heavily integrated PCBs.
  • Diagnostic Accuracy: Offers exceptional diagnostic accuracy for precise fault detection.
  • Fast Test Throughput: Designed for rapid testing to enhance production efficiency.
  • Advanced Features: Includes the High-Speed Digital Subsystem and Clock/Sync/Trigger (CST) features standard in the TestStation platform.
  • Pin Card Options: Supports up to 30 pin card slots and is configurable with 128L, 128HD, and 124 Hybrid pin cards.

Technical Specification

  • Capacity: Highest capacity test solution in the TestStation family.
  • Built-in Features: Specifically equipped for testing large, complex, and heavily integrated PCBs.
  • Pin Card Flexibility: Offers a range of pin card options to suit various testing requirements.

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