ICT Dual Head Offline

Multi-Site Solution

Product Description

Teradyne’s TestStation Multi-Site Offline test systems are engineered to deliver enhanced test productivity, offering two to four times greater efficiency compared to conventional single-site systems. These systems are designed to expand test capacity and productivity while reducing test floor space and power requirements. They support a full range of Manufacturing Defect Analyzer (MDA), In-Circuit Test (ICT), and functional production test capabilities, sharing common software and hardware with the TestStation system platform.

Key Features

  • Multi-Site Test Architecture: Allows for true parallel or asynchronous production test of panelized boards and multiple assemblies, ensuring circuit board test is never a production bottleneck.
  • Resource-Optimized Design: Intelligent resource allocation with test electronics close to the test interface for short signal paths and common cooling, power, and infrastructural elements.
  • High-Density Design: Configurable over a wide range of pin counts, automation, and test options to meet diverse production test requirements.
  • Small, Powerful Offline Systems: Occupies under a square meter of floor space and requires 60% less power provisioning compared to conventional systems.
  • ncreased Throughput: Offers two to four times greater throughput versus conventional single-site systems.
  • Reduced Costs: Lowers fixture, operator, and maintenance costs by 50%, with one-third the AC power provisioning of full-sized alternatives.
  • Simple Maintenance and Support: Ensures ease of maintenance and offers reliable support.
  • Versatile Configurations: Available in different models, including Model 51 with 1 test site and up to 2560 max pins, and Model 52 with 2 test sites and up to 5120 max pins.

Technical Specification

  • System Software: Includes Windows 7 support, Test/Debug system software, Flash ISP, throughput optimizer, SafeTest Technologies, Factory Control Interface, Multi-Site software, panel test software, and variant handling software.
  • Power Supply Options: Programmable supplies for various voltages and currents, with a choice of multiple options.
  • Pin Board Options: Choice of multiplexed or non-multiplexed pin board options, accommodating various configurations.

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