Hight Performance X-ray system

Cheetah Evo

Product Description

The Cheetah EVO is a sophisticated X-ray inspection system designed to meet the rigorous demands of Industry 4.0. It is tailored for efficient and reliable inspection in the SMT and semiconductor industries, as well as in laboratory settings. This system is recognized for its reliable, fast, and repeatable inspections, both manually and automatically, making it a smart choice for the smart factory.

Key Features

  • Reliable and Fast Inspections: Offers both manual and automatic inspection capabilities, ensuring fast and repeatable results.
  • Advanced Imaging Technologies: Includes automatic void calculation with VoidInspect, dynamic enhancing filters like eHDR, and the best available laminography with micro3Dslice and FF CT software.
  • Dose Reduction Capabilities: Features a dose reduction kit, dose monitoring, and a low dose detector mode, which are essential for inspecting sensitive components.
  • Optional Water-Cooled X-ray Tube: Provides a stable focal spot and crystal-clear X-ray images even after long beam times, countering the effects of temperature rise in the tube housing.
  • Optimized Automated X-ray and CT Quality Inspections: Integrates workflows in the FGUI operating software and starts automatically for faster reconstruction and visualization with the Comet Yxlon FF CT software.
  • Future-Ready for Industry 4.0: Designed to integrate with smart factory environments, offering improved automated inspections and connectivity.

Technical Specification

  • System Dimensions: Measures 1650 x 1400 x 2050 mm and weighs 2200 kg.
  • X-ray Tube Options: FXT-160.50 Microfocus or FXT-160.51 Multifocus, with a voltage range of 20 – 160 kV.
  • Detector Specifications: Features pixel matrices of 1004 x 620 px, 1004 x 1004 px, and 1276 x 1276 px, with a pixel pitch of 127 µm and 16-bit depth.
  • Viewing Angles: Offers oblique viewing of +/- 70° (140° total).
  • 3D Imaging Modes: Includes laminography (micro3Dslice), CT QuickScan, and QualityScan.

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