High Viscocity Material

Dos A90B

Product Description

The A90 B system from Scheugenpflug is a robust material feeding unit designed to handle high viscosity media, particularly in scenarios where the feeding pressure of an A90 C cartridge expulsion unit is insufficient. This system is equipped with a proven Scheugenpflug piston pump that acts as a booster. The pump is filled by the A90 C cartridge expulsion unit, enabling it to increase the feed pressure and consequently accelerate the filling of the dispensing system. The A90 B is an ideal choice for applications involving highly filled, high-density materials, offering a space-saving design and continuous material feed capability.

Key Features

  • Specifically designed for high viscosity media
  • Enhanced performance with a piston pump booster
  • Compatible with the A90 C cartridge expulsion unit for increased feed pressure
  • Space-saving design, suitable for compact workspaces
  • Continuous material feed, ideal for consistent production processes
  • Easy to use, ensuring operational efficiency
  • Perfect for applications requiring high-density material handling

Technical Specification

  • Suitable for 1C and 2C materials
  • Optimal for atmospheric pressure applications
  • Not recommended for vacuum preparation or feeding
  • Ideal for handling liquid, highly viscous, filled, and abrasive materials
  • Continuous feeding capability for uninterrupted production

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