High Speed Manual Desktop Gang Programmer


Product Description

The LumenX Desktop is a revolutionary programming platform that stands out for its unrivaled performance and extraordinary value. Engineered for ultra-fast programming, it is designed to maximize manufacturing velocity with rapid download, program, and verify speeds. The LumenX Desktop is particularly noted for its ability to support cache memory up to 256 GBytes, extensible up to 512 GBytes, and offers 2x faster download speed up to 50 MBytes/sec to all programmers simultaneously, reducing job set-up time.

Key Features

  • Ultra-fast programming performance up to 160 MBytes/sec with TurboBoost
  • Managed and secure programming with LumenX Software, ensuring high-quality programming from design through manufacturing
  • Comprehensive Version Control and Traceability Software for managed programming
  • Seamless integration with SentriX Product Creator software, simplifying the security job creation process
  • Designed for the highest quality at the lowest total cost per programmed part
  • Architected to support the latest device technologies, including Universal Flash Storage
  • Reduces the cost of programming by up to 75%

Technical Specification

  • Supports a wide range of device technologies including eMMC Flash Memory 4.41 – 5.1, SPI NOR, Universal Flash Storage (UFS), Secure Elements, and Secure microcontrollers
  • 5x faster read/write speeds greater than 160 MBytes/second
  • 2x faster download speed up to 50Mbytes/sec to all programmers simultaneously reducing job set-up
  • Up to 750 MBytes/second read performance for UFS devices with VerifyBoost
  • Supports large image file sizes up to 256 GB
  • Best-in-class security features with LumenX Data Management Software Application

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