High speed automatic flip-chip bonding

Datacon Chameo & Quantum

Product Description

Besi offers flip chip systems for mass production as well as for the high-end sector, covering a wide range of flip chip processes

Key Features

  • Datacon 8800 TC Advanced. Thermo Compression bonding is the key technology for current 2.5D/3D C2S and C2W packaging, with TC-CUF as the currently established process for 3D memory applications. Advanced capabilities and unsurpassed production stability. With its unique and completely new Advanced Hardware architecture, unique 7-Axis Bond head and Advanced Process capabilities, the Datacon 8800 TC advanced is the essential tool of reference of current TSV applications.
  • Datacon 8800 FC Quantum Advanced. As mass reflow Flip Chip becomes dominant in IC packaging, Besi again sets the benchmark for speed and productivity with its new Datacon 8800 FC QUANTUM advanced. The state of the art motion control, unique CRYSTAL – glass based fluxer – concept and enhanced computing power showcases the fastest and most cost effective Flip Chip system available today.
  • Datacon 8800 FC Quantum hS. Based on the industrial benchmark Datacon QUANTUM series, production speed was significantly increased compared to the successful Datacon FC QUANTUM advanced to offer an unprecedented Cost of Ownership. At the same time, no compromise on 4μm accuracy and process control was made to enable tool-to-tool repeatability at highest yield.
  • Datacon 8800 Chameo Advanced Highest Productivity for FO-WLPAs a new advanced packaging technology, Wafer-Level Fan-Out Packaging (WL-FOP) is a cost effective solution to address increasing demands for performance, form factor, and warpage control. The Datacon 8800 CHAMEO advanced bonder raises a field proven platform concept to an advanced level. It is the perfect fit for chip attach of any WL-FOP process, supporting both face-down (flip mode) and face-up (non flip mode) package designs. Multi-Chip – Combining Speed, Flexibility and Accuracy

Technical Specification

  • Advanced interconnection options: heated bond heads and work holders
  • Thermo compression options, wafer chucks for chip-to-wafer bonding etc
  • No restriction on substrate type (leadframes, strips, panels, wafers up to 8″)
  • Exceptional accuracy of ± 5 microns
  • Highest speed with full process control
  • Full Process & Production control
  • Fast Post Bond Inspection
  • Lowest vibration with SMART path filtering
  • Tape & Reel Highest Accuracy – Capturing Tomorrow’s Markets

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