High speed automatic die bonding for leadframe and strip

Esec 2100

Product Description

In back-end semiconductor manufacturing, the die attach process is a critical step. At first glance, die attach seems to be a simple process step in the semiconductor manufacturing chain. However, the continuously increasing requirements of today’s applications set high standards in die bonding. Besi’s die attach equipment is based on unique and innovative concepts offering economical benefits to customers.

Key Features

  • Esec 2100 hS ix is the latest member of the 2100 i Die Bonder family. It is optimized for highest speed and scratch-free transport thanks to the easy-to-use motorized and programmable rail strip handler
  • Esec 2100 sD advanced i with its new Device Height Sensor and High Precision Bond Head enables unmatched process capability also including High BLT applications.
  • Esec 2100 hSi with its new Dual Dispensing Module enables an unmatched productivity and process quality. Process Accuracy is further improved with the new High Precision Bond Head as well as the High Resolution Vision Systems,
  • Esec 2100 hS is the 3rd generation of the most flexible 300 mm high speed platform, capable of running an extensive range of epoxy die attach applications such as QFN, TSOP, QFP, BGA, CSP-BGA, SiP-BGA, FBGA and LGA.
  • Esec 2100 SC is the most flexible 300 mm high speed platform, capable of running the smart card tape. It is the most effortless system to run, assist and control production resulting in a quantum leap in throughput and yield at the lowest cost of ownership

Technical Specification

  • Innovative “Quattro” multi nozzle concept
  • Synchronous process steps
  • Productivity up to 18500 UPH
  • High speed soft pick and bond processes
  • Motorized and programmable rail strip handler
  • Dual Dispensing Module with independent writing axes
  • High Resolution Vision System with Up Looking Vision Option
  • Low Contrast Kit enables the vision to detect almost anything
  • Esec 2100 DS is a flexible and versatile solution for soldering and diffusion sintering
  • The system features a modular thermal tunnel suitable for leadframe and thermal process control. Solder is distributed from wire and applied in controlled mass.

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