High-precision multi-chip multi-process automatic bonding

Datacon Evo

Product Description

The Datacon EVO platform of highly flexible and configurable Multi Chip Attach systems. Delivering high placement accuracy and repeatability whilst maintaining performance only achievable through a truly industrialised platform. Besi leads the way in the die attach market, guaranteeing customers future-oriented, customized and flexible solutions.

Key Features

  • Datacon 2200 EVO high-accuracy multi-chip die bonder provides the ultimate flexibility for die attach as well as for Flip Chip applications. Offering placement accuracy of ±10 µm @ 3s the system can be equipped with integrated dispenser, 12″ wafer handling, automatic tool changer and application specific tooling. The Datacon 2200 EVO is prepared for present and future processes and products.
  • Datacon 2200 EVO Plus is enhanced further with key features for higher bonding accuracy, achieving ±7 µm @ 3s X/Y placement accuracy. Besides unbeaten flexibility and full customization possibilities, this evolutionary machine offers higher accuracy with long-term stability, using a new camera system and thermal compensation algorithm.
  • Datacon 2200 EVO hs achieves the same outstanding placement accuracy of the EVO Plus, however through the implementation of a new image capture and processing unit, offers unprecedented performance of up to 12,000 UPH
  • Datacon 2200 EVO hf is the ultimate multi-chip Die Bonder solution for high bonding force applications, with an increased bond force of up to 500N and outstanding machine accuracy of ±10 µm @ 3s. The Datacon 2200 evo hF can be equipped with everything required for your application’s successful mass production.
  • Datacon 2200 EVO Advanced with an all new gantry & controller system as well as a completely new vision and camera generation Datacon 2200 evo advanced offers superb 3μm placement accuracy while still focusing on your productivity and throughput requirements.

Technical Specification

  • Fully automatic cycle for Multi-chip production
  • Up to 7 Pick & Place tools (optionally 14), 5 chip eject tools
  • Pressure/time, Stamping, Auger, Jetter type dispensers available
  • Film transfer for sintering applications
  • Die pick from: wafer, waffle pack, Gel-Pak®, feeder
  • Die place to: substrate, boat, carrier, PCB, leadframe, wafer
  • X/Y placement accuracy from : ± 10 µm @ 3s to ± 3 µm @ 3
  • Bond Force: 0.N to 500N programmable
  • Heated bond head up to 450°C – Heated Substrate up to 350°C
  • Automatic Wafer Change – Wafer size: 4″ – 12″ (SEMI M1)
  • Substrate working range: 13” x 8” (325 mm x 200 mm)
  • Hardware: Open platform architecture for full customization

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