High Performance Dispensing

DP 2001

Product Description

The DosP DP2001 High-Performance Dispenser by Scheugenpflug is a groundbreaking solution in the realm of adhesive bonding, dispensing, and potting technology. This dispenser is designed to meet the rigorous demands of industries like Automotive Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Medical Electronics, and Consumer Electronics. It is renowned for its ability to achieve the shortest cycle times and highest dispensing qualities, even with a wide range of materials including highly liquid adhesives, sealants, and castings, as well as highly viscous and/or filled materials.

Key Features

  • Achieves dispensing speeds up to 10 times higher than traditional dispensers
  • Ensures the shortest cycle times for increased production efficiency
  • Delivers accurate start-stop behavior and high-precision contours
  • Comprehensive process monitoring options for enhanced quality control
  • New valve system characterized by high reliability and short switching times
  • Powerful servo drives for optimized power transmission and higher discharge speeds
  • Individual drive per component allows for adjustable mixing ratios and optimal matching
  • Suitable for highly automated production lines due to its high dispensing speeds

Technical Specification

  • Dispenses 1C materials from 0.06 ml to 20 ml and 2C materials from 0.1 to 40 ml
  • Motor with powerful servo technology and individual drive per component
  • Lifting unit with increased stiffness and direct force transmission
  • Dispensing head size of 20ml, capable of handling even highly viscous media
  • Process control system for monitoring and controlling dispensing pressure and valve status
  • Optional advanced mixing tubes for precise and homogenous mixing

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