High Flexebility Programming System


Product Description

The PSV5000 is a cost-effective and efficient solution for high-performance automated device programming. Designed for optimum performance, it is an ideal entry point for companies seeking reliable and flexible automated programming at an affordable price. With a handler rated for up to 1300 parts per hour, the PSV5000 is scalable from 1 to 5 LumenX programmers or 1 to 6 FlashCORE programmers, accommodating a wide range of device sizes and types.

Key Features

  • Efficient design with a handler rated for up to 1300 parts per hour
  • Investment protection, works with existing FlashCORE and LumenX adapters and algorithms
  • Fiber laser marking capability for precise and durable labeling
  • Integrated media options for diverse application needs
  • Engineered for the highest quality programming, uptime, and production yield
  • Intelligent system design and integration for reliable performance
  • Proven pick and place head with integrated vision system for precise placement
  • Inspection capabilities with 2D tape-out inspection
  • Value-added software for serialization, MES integration, and command-line interface
  • Upgradeable to SentriX for advanced security provisioning
  • Designed to reduce the cost of programming by up to 50%

Technical Specification

  • Throughput: Up to 1400 parts per hour
  • Device Size Support: From 2mm x 3mm (min) to 42.5mm x 42.5mm (max)
  • Programming Engines: Scalable from 1 to 5 LumenX programmer (1 to 40 sockets) and up to 6 FlashCORE programmers (4 to 24 sockets)
  • Device Marking: Fibre laser marking
  • Connectivity: Fast downloads over 100 Base-T Ethernet connection
  • Programming Speed: Read/write speeds greater than 10 MBytes per second (80 Mbits/s) for capable devices on FlashCORE and upto 160 Mbytes per second with LumenX (750 Mbytes/s read performance for UFS devices with VerifyBoost)
  • I/O Media Options: Tape Input: 12 – 56mm / Tape Output: 8 – 44mm (adjustable) / Tray Feeder Input / Output: 20 JEDEC Trays
  • Frame Dimensions: 1290mm (Depth) x 870mm (Width) x 1520mm (Height)

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