Hermetic Projection Welding System


Product Description

The Pulsar Series capacitor discharge welding power supplies, combined with model KN-II weld heads provide dependable, field proven system solutions for hermetic sealing of microelectronic packages and joining of a variety of metal parts. The Pulsar Series offers a broad range of precision power choices and can be easily integrated into atmospheric enclosures to ensure high yield hermetic sealing results

Key Features

  • Capacitor discharge (CD) technology supplies short, high energy welding pulses which localize heat in the weld zone, reducing heat build-up in sensitive microelectronic packages.
  • Wide range of models offer from 1000-9000 joules of energy
  • Hermetically seal diverse packages ranging from the smallest TO, UM and HC styles to hybrids up to 5 linear inches (127 mm) depending on package design
  • “Weld inhibit” function accepts input from atmospheric enclosure instruments, such as oxygen analysers and moisture monitors for integrated process control
  • All weld parameters are accessed, set, and displayed on the front panel of the SS-1 Weld Head Controller
  • KN-II Weld Head provides fast follow-up allowing for complete metal fusion without weld splatter
  • Custom designed electrodes and holders are available to suit your application

Technical Specification

  • Energy range P-1000: 1-999 J
  • Energy range P-3000: 100 – 3000 J
  • Energy range P-6000: 100 – 6000 J
  • Energy range P-9000: 100 – 9000 J
  • Circuitry: All solid-state/charge and discharge
  • Control circuit protection: Zener-referenced closed-loop circuit
  • Weld transformer: High-efficiency matched weld transformer
  • Energy repeatability: 5% of energy set point
  • Forge force Single range: Adjustable between 120 – 1200 lbs. (534 – 5340 newtons)
  • Forge force Dual range: Adjustable between 120 – 4000 lbs. (534 – 18000 newtons)
  • Stroke: 47 mm (1.875 in) standard, 100 mm (4 in) optional, custom lengths available

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