Fully Automatic Heavy Wire Wedge Bonder with large working area


Product Description

A fully Automatic Heavy Wire Wedge Bonder with an exceptionally large working area. The Bondjet BJ985 belongs to the new generation of ultrasonic wedge-wedge bonders developed for the fully automated processing of a wide range of large-sized substrates, chips, automotive applications (e.g. batteries) and other materials. It can be used as a fully automatic machine or operated manually. Capable of handling wire diameters from 50 μm up to 600 μm, this system is incredibly flexible. Outstanding features include high speed and large bonding area making it very well suited to the demands of Battery Pack Wire Bonding. Multiple work stages are available, including stages designed to suit Battery Packs and Power Semiconductor production. Additionally, bespoke stages and automation can be designed and delivered to suit specific application requirements.

Key Features

  • Large Working area: 370 mm x 870 mm
  • Support for flexible automation options such as two or more parallel lanes
  • Improved wire handling: short distance between bondhead and spool
  • Optimized pattern recognition: image capture with new digital image processing and flash
  • E-Box: patented solution for optimized tool change and programmable alignment marks for cutter, wire guide and bond wedge
  • Automated bondforce calibration; a load cell prevents operating error and ensures robust processes
  • Innovative bondtool and wire spool detection
  • Automated bondtool calibration without wedge gauge
  • Precisely programmable bondforce actuator
  • Loop generator for individualized loops
  • Wear-free components with Piezo technology
  • Continuous, real time monitoring of wire deformation, transducer current and frequency within programmable control limits
  • Process integrated Quality Control PiQC: detection of further parameters by additional sensor system (e.g. friction) for 100 % quality monitoring in real time (patented); as option
  • Integrated, non destructive pull test for wire and ribbon Heavy wire bondheads
  • Heavy wire and ribbon bondheads for Al, Cu and AlCu

Technical Specification

  • Working area: X: 370 mm (14.6″); Y: 870 mm (34.3″); Z: 42 mm (1.65″)
  • P-rotation: 440°
  • Bond heads: HBK (Frontcut, Backcut), RBK Ribbon (Frontcut), RBK Copper (Frontcut, Backcut) Frequency: 60 kHz*; alternative frequencies available on request
  • Cutting methods: Active, Passive, Air cut (for frontcut)
  • Wire: Al, Cu, AlCu: 50 μm – 600 μm
  • Ribbon: Al, Cu, AlCu: 250 μm x 25 μm up to 2000 μm x 400 μm (Cu: 200 μm)
  • Digital ultrasonic generator with PLL (Phase Locked Loop), internal frequency resolution <1 Hz
  • Programmable ultrasonic power output Small footprint – high performance
  • BJ985: 1361 mm x 2144 mm x 1920 mm (53.6″ x 84.4″ x 75.6″), appr. 1750 kg

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