Fully Automatic Heavy Wire Bonder with Thermosonic Function


Product Description

The Heavy Wire Bonder LSB959 represents the latest generation of wire bonding technology utilising the capability of adding thermal energy to the welding process. Laser applied heating of the bond tool enables a precise temperature control at the tip of the bond tool. The LSB959 offers the first thermosonic-heavy wire-process and can fully automatically process a wide range of large-sized substrates, chips and other materials. The systems can be used as a fully automatic machine or operated manually. Outstanding features are high speed and the large bonding area. In addition to a standard configuration, Hesse offers automation concepts individually adapted for every application.

Key Features

  • Full integration of tool temperature in the process parameters and bonding programmes
  • Improved wire guidance: short distance between bond head and spool
  • Optimized pattern recognition
  • Automated bond tool change without wedge gauge
  • Precisely programmable bond force actuator
  • Loop generator for individual loops
  • Maintenance-free solid state joints
  • E-Box: patented solution for optimized tool change and programmable alignment marks for cutter, wire guide and bond wedge
  • Automated bond force calibration; a load cell prevents operator error and ensures robust processes
  • Continuous real time monitoring of wire deformation, transducer current, and frequency, bond tool temperature within programmable control limits.
  • Process integrated Quality Control PiQC: detection of further parameters, e.g. friction behaviour, by additional sensor system for 100 % quality monitoring in real time (patented); as option.
  • Integrated, non-destructive pull-test
  • Laser-heated bond tool tip with controlled laser absorption
  • Fast local heat transport into wire and substrate
  • Inert gas nozzle (e.g. nitrogen) prevents Cu oxidation during bonding process (option)

Technical Specification

  • Working area: X: 370 mm; Y: 560 mm; Z: 42 mm. P-rotation: 440°
  • Thermosonic bond head: LSK (Backcut) Laser-heated bond tool tip with controlled laser absorption
  • Bond tool tip at 400-500 °C for interface at 150-200 °C
  • Frequency: 60 kHz (exact and alternative frequencies on request)
  • Cutting methods: active or passive
  • Digital ultrasonic generator with PLL (Phase Locked Loop), internal frequency resolution <1 Hz
  • IR fiber laser with power up to 130W
  • Programmable temperature output

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