Foundry System small to medium parts


Product Description

The FF85 CT is a highly versatile X-ray inspection system, designed to cater to a wide range of applications from microCT to high-energy CT. Its dual-tube configuration, combining both flat-panel and line detectors, allows for precise inspection across various material types and part sizes. The system is built on a granite base, ensuring temperature stability and precise manipulation, and is equipped with up to 7 manipulation axes for maximum versatility.

Key Features

  • Dual-Tube Configuration: Offers extensive application range with its high-energy, high-resolution capabilities.
  • Diverse Field-of-View Extensions: Features helical and dual-helical CT techniques for a large inspection envelope.
  • Granite Base: Provides temperature stability and warp resistance for precise manipulations.
  • Intuitive User Interface: The Geminy user interface with touchscreens simplifies system operation.
  • High Energy and Resolution: Suitable for both small and large parts, with seamless switches between 2D radioscopy, 3D cone-beam, and fan-beam CT.
  • Specialized Detector Array: The CTScan 3 line detector array is designed for crystal-clear inspection of large/dense components, operating up to 600 kV.

Technical Specification

  • Sample Diameter: Up to 1000 mm.
  • Sample Height: Up to 1840 mm.
  • Maximum Sample Weight: 400 kg.
  • Focus-Detector-Distance (FDD): Up to 2050 mm.
  • X-ray Tubes: Options include 450 kV and 600 kV mini-focus, and 300 kV and 225 kV directional beam tubes.
  • CT Modes: Includes Cone-beam CT, QuickScan, QualityScan, HeliExtend, FlexCenter (virtual rotation axis), ZoomScan, LayerScan, SpeedMode, Fan-beam CT, ScanExtend (FoV extensions), Volume crop.
  • Manipulation: 7 axes on a granite base.

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