Dual Sided Flying Probe Tester


Product Description

The Takaya APT1600FD represents the latest advancement in Flying Probe systems, embodying over 30 years of expertise from Takaya, a global leader in this technology. This system is specifically designed for New Product Introduction Testing (NPI) and caters to low to medium volumes of high-mix production, often involving very complex PCB assemblies. The APT1600FD is highly valued across various industries, including Automotive, Medical, Defense, and Industrial applications, for its unparalleled flexibility and capability to meet the evolving demands of modern electronics, ensuring exceptional quality delivery.

Key Features

  • Dual-Sided Flying Probe Technology: The APT1600FD features an innovative dual-sided probing system, 4-Heads & 6-Flying Probes from Top, 2-Heads & 4-Flying Probes from Bottom, allowing probes to access both sides of a PCB, significantly enhancing test coverage and reducing test time. 
  • High-Speed and Accurate Testing: Renowned for its rapid test execution and precise positioning accuracy, the system ensures efficient and accurate testing of assembled PCBs. 
  • Versatile Application Range: The system’s flexibility makes it an invaluable tool for a wide range of applications, from automotive to medical and defence sectors. 
  • Advanced Test Functionalities: Equipped with a wealth of extraordinary test functionalities, the APT1600FD can handle complex PCB testing with ease and precision. 
  • Efficient Test Process: The dual-sided probing contact contributes to a marked increase in test coverage while assuring the shortest possible test time. 
  • Designed for Complex Assemblies: The APT1600FD is ideal for testing intricate and densely populated circuit boards found in high-tech industries 
  • Industry-Specific Applications: Its adaptability makes it suitable for a variety of sectors, including automotive, medical, defence, and industrial electronics.

Technical Specification

  • System Dimension: 1400 x 1500 x 1400 mm (APT1600FD – offline),  1400 x 1500 x 1500 mm (APT1600FD-A – inline), 1520 x 1620 x 1400 mm (APT1600FD-SL – large offline), and weight of 1350 kg (APT1600FD), 1400 kg (APT1600FD-A), 1450 kg (APT1600FD-SL). 
  • Board Dimensions: 540 x 483 mm (APT1600FD), 540 x 483 mm / 890 x 483 mm (APT1600FD-A), 635 x 610 mm (APT1600FD-SL). 
  • Component height:  Bottom – 120 mm (APT1600FD), 60 mm (APT1600FD-A), 120 mm (APT1600FD-SL). 
  • Board weight: 5 kg (APT1600FD), 3 kg (APT1600FD-A), 8 kg / 15 kg (APT1600FD-SL). 
  • Speed & Accuracy: Combination test : Max – 0.02 – 0.03 sec / step (APT1600FD/APT1600FD-A), 0.03 – 0.04 sec / step (APT1600FD-SL). Positioning repeatability of flying probe (XY) – +/- 25 to +/- 40um in the heigh precision mode (APT1600FD/APT1600FD-A), +/- 30 to +/- 40um in the heigh precision mode (APT1600FD-SL). Minimum pad size for flying probes – 60 – 80 um in the heigh precision mode (APT1600FD/APT1600FD-A), 80 – 100 um in the heigh precision mode (APT1600FD-SL). 
  • Laser Displacement: Light source – Red semiconductor (top side), Measurement method – Light / reflective type (laser displacement), Laser beam diameter – 0.25 x 2.65 mm to 0.40 x 2.75 mm (changes by height of the measurement point), Measuring range – -5 mm to +50 mm, Repeatability – +/-100um or less, Measuring time – 1 ms / point (XY movement time not included) 

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