Documentation Creation


Product Description

One of the crucial steps in PCB manufacturing is creating detailed documentation to guide the production process. DocXpress is designed to streamline and optimize this process, offering dynamic and user-friendly features to meet the specific needs of the electronics industry.

Key Features

  • Dynamic creation and modification of documentation
  • Independent configuration of each view, component grouping, colours…
  • Intuitive component selection with a user-friendly query tool
  • Creation and reuse of page templates, views, and documentation
  • Import of images and external documents
  • Integrated graphical editor
  • Simplified user navigation with separate design and navigation modes
  • Dynamic link with the PCB viewer
  • Integration of PCB images for enhanced display
  • Printing in the form of vectorized PDFs
  • Paperless orientation for quick update and distribution of instructions
  • Data sharing with other Accelonix suite software

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