Data Viewer for PCBs


Product Description

ViewXpress is the data viewer for the Accelonix software platform. It can read all project data, from CAD to electrical schematics and documentation created with the DocXpress module.

Key Features

  • Project manager
  • Display of the view for components defined by CAD data
  • Configuration of colors and shapes to use for component drawing
  • Mouse wheel zoom, area selection, toolbar, context menu, best zoom… Mouse scroll for viewer scrolling via dragging
  • Device selection in the viewer by mouse click and display of related information (components and netlist)
  • Search for a component and equipotential with automatic selection in the viewer
  • Link between the graphical representation of the board and the electrical schematic
  • Display of the list of components and their attributes, list of packages and their drawings
  • Selection of Top or Bottom view
  • Display of mouse position in mm and mils, distance measurements, and display of documentation created with the DocXpress module

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