Cyberscan linear Profilometer

Vantage 1

Product Description

The cyberSCAN VANTAGE 1 is a compact, non-contact profiling system for fast scanning of any part or surface. The system combines a confocal white light sensor, a base unit with an integrated translation stage and a PC or a laptop for data analysis. The sensor scans over the object and produces a high-resolution height profile.

Typical applications are the analysis and quality control of printing processes, such as thickfilm measurement on a variety of substrate materials, epoxy-film, dots or other printed and dispensed features. Geometry measurement of highly contoured objects like solder bumps, micro-lenses, and MEMS devices are popular applications for a VANTAGE 1 system.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective profilometer and 3D scanning solution
  • Confocal White Light Sensor (C-CHR)
  • Resolution down to 8 nm, measurement range up to 8 mm
  • Integrated motion system with 50mm travel
  • User friendly concept
  • Sophisticated analysis and automation software
  • Integrated y-stage with sensor mount
  • 2D profiles and 3D topographical maps
  • Integrated on-axis camera, visible laser spot inside the camera field of view

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: (L X W X H) 478 x 246 x 337 mm
  • Weight: 20 kg (44 lbs)
  • System Controller: Includes motion & sensor controller with USB interface to workstation
  • Power Requirements: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 2 amps (240 V), 5 amps (100 V)
  • Travel Limits in Y: 50mm
  • Minimum Stepsize: 1 µm
  • Travel Limit in Z: 50mm
  • Available Sensors: Confocal White Light (C-CHR) with exchangeable sensor head
    • C-CHR-200 (range: 200μm / resolution: 8nm / NA: 90° +/-45°)
    • C-CHR-1000 (range: 1mm / resolution: 40nm / NA: 90° +/-28°)
    • C-CHR-4000 (range: 4mm / resolution: 160nm / NA: 90° +/-20°)

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