Conformal Coating and Dispensing (3 heads)

Protecto XC

Product Description

The ProtectoXC by Rehm Thermal Systems is a compact, high-performance coating system designed for electronics manufacturers with lower throughput needs. This system excels in precise lacquer application, ensuring safe and accurate results. It features an automatic needle measurement that checks and corrects applicators, and a heatable nozzle to maintain a constant temperature of the protective lacquer. The ProtectoXC is strong in process performance, even with low throughput, and is particularly appealing due to its lower investment costs. Its modern design not only enhances the user experience but also provides reliable protection for high-quality circuit boards.

Key Features

  • Up to 3 different applicators for versatile coating applications
  • Patented Stream-Coat® nozzles for precise coating in tight spaces
  • Fiducial camera for process reliability, correcting and adjusting marks
  • Networked environment, easily connectable with an MES
  • Flexible lacquering procedures for optimum coating without the need for manual re-coating
  • Compact and high-performance design, ideal for low throughput applications
  • Precise lacquer application with automatic needle measurement for applicator correction
  • Heatable nozzle to ensure constant lacquer temperature
  • Self-cleaning system that operates automatically during downtime
  • Modern design that enhances user experience and circuit board protection

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 1152 x 1622 x 2192 mm, weight 1100 kg
  • Work area: 1 applicator – 520 x 508 mm, 2 applicator – 460 x 508 mm, 3 applicator – 400 x 508 mm, additional camera – 460 x 508 mm
  • Maximum component height: +/- 100 mm
  • Various applicator options like material needles, patented two-substance nozzles, and material heating
  • Integrated lacquer supply at the front to prevent contamination and odor pollution
  • Extractor system to remove solvent-containing evaporations
  • Optional connection to MES for flexible manufacturing and traceability
  • Operated via the user-friendly ViCON Protecto software with a touchscreen interface
  • Software features include online/offline programming, language selection, rights management, MES connection, and easy operator guidance

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