Compact inline ICT Tester

Nano Test Automation

Product Description

Nano Test Automation by Teradyne is a versatile and accessible automated test solution, tailored for mid-to-low production lines with a high mix of products. It brings the trusted performance of the TestStation series into a more compact and adaptable format. This system revolutionizes testing across various industries by bridging the gap between high-end solutions and the needs of less extensive production lines. Nano Test Automation is designed with a focus on high-quality production and innovation, featuring a new user interface and nested fixture kit, making it a forward-thinking solution for modern testing requirements.

Key Features

  • Ultimate Test Flexibility: Nano Test Automation offers unparalleled flexibility in testing, suitable for a diverse range of products and production scales.
  • Cost-Effective Design: The system is engineered to reduce costs while maintaining high quality and performance, eliminating the need for a vacuum interface.
  • Adaptability for Market Changes: With its focus on smaller, high-variety production runs, Nano is fully configurable and scalable, ready to meet the evolving demands of the market.
  • Sustainability Focus: Emphasizing energy efficiency and eco-friendliness, Nano contributes to more sustainable manufacturing practices.

Technical Specification

  • Nano 101e and Nano 51e Models: These models offer up to 2,560 and 1,280 maximum pin counts, respectively, with full advanced test capabilities.
  • Maximum Unit Under Test (UUT) Size: Both models can accommodate UUTs up to 425mm x 425mm.
  • System Dimensions: The Nano 51e has dimensions of 900mm x 1780mm x 1130mm (WxHxD), making it compact and space-efficient.
  • Programmable Power Supply: Both models feature a 4-slot programmable power supply, enhancing their testing capabilities.

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