Bare Board PCB Unloader / Stacker


Product Description

This unit is designed for unloading bare PCB boards from the production line.

Key Features

  • Mitsubishi PLC program control
  • By-pass and Stacker mode are selectable in the software
  • Shortest loading cycle time for PCB
  • Pre-signal alarm for PCB stack heights
  • User-friendly touch screen panel
  • Smooth and parallel width adjustment by crank wheel (Optional: motorized).
  • All doors are fitted with interlocks for safe operation
  • SMEMA compatible

Technical Specification

  • Transfer heights: 900mm+/-50mm
  • Transfer direction: Left to right
  • Operation side: Front of machine
  • Fixed rail: Front of machine
  • Interface: SMEMA
  • PCB working cycle time: 3s-7s (adjustable)
  • Conveyor belts: ESD flat belt
  • PCB edge support: 4mm
  • PCB Size: 50-500mm (L) / 50-460mm (W)
  • Allowable components clearance: 20mm below and above
  • PCB thickness available: 0.6mm-3.5mm
  • PCB stack heights: 240mm /specify
  • Air supply: 4-6 bar
  • Safety: CE certificates
  • Control: PLC
  • Voltage: 220V/ 110V , single phase, 50-60Hz
  • Optional: Motorized adjustment, Automatic adjustment, Extension for convenient stack loading, Cantilevered input and output conveyor

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