Bare Board Loader / Destacker for PCB


Product Description

This unit is designed for loading bare boards onto the SMT line. It features unique separation cams that gently take one PCB from the bottom of the stacked boards and lower it onto the ESD belts for transfer to downstream machines.

Key Features

  • Mitsubishi PLC program control
  • By-pass and destacker mode are selectable in the software
  • Shortest loading cycle time for PCB
  • Minimum PCB thickness of 0.6mm
  • Uninterrupted PCB loading
  • Pre-signal alarm for PCB lower stack heights
  • User friendly touch screen panel
  • Smooth and parallel width adjustment by crank wheel ( Optional: motorized).
  • All doors are fitted with interlocks for safe operation
  • SMEMA compatible

Technical Specification

  • Transfer heights: 900mm+/-50mm
  • Transfer direction: Left to right
  • Operation side: Front of machine
  • Fixed rail: Front of machine
  • Interface: SMEMA
  • PCB working cycle time: 3s-7s (adjustable)
  • Conveyor belts: ESD flat belt
  • PCB edge support: 3.8mm
  • Allowable components clearance: 20mm below and above
  • PCB thickness available: 0.6mm-3.5mm
  • PCB stack heights: 227mm
  • Air supply: 4 bar
  • Safety: CE certificates
  • Control: PLC
  • Voltage: 220V/ 110V , single phase, 50-60Hz
  • Optional: Motorized adjustment, Automatic adjustment, Extension for convenient stack loading, Cantilevered input and output conveyor, Ethernet communication with CMS software

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