Automatic & Manual Molding System

Fico AMS-X and MMS-X

Product Description

The Fico range of automatic and manual molding systems have a proven reputation for innovation, quality and reliability. Based on experience, dating back many decades, each system has been designed to meet the challenges of today’s ever more demanding manufacturing processes. New types of packages and interconnections such as Flip Chip, Exposed Die, Stacked Die and System In Package are all supported. For these and many more applications, Besi Netherlands offers the best solution and equipment for your requirements.

Besi has reinvented leadframe molding with the AMS and MMS-X platforms. The increased market demand for power products and higher densities on larger leadframes demanded a new solution. With the AMS and MMS-X platforms, Besi has set a new benchmark in leadframe molding.

Key Features

  • Newly developed plate presses and an extremely compact and rigid construction.
  • To obtain a bleed free end product, each press has 4 clamp modules that ensure a high and even clamp force all around the product.
  • New UX-design, making these the most user friendly Besi molding systems ever.
  • The MMS-X, manual system, is perfectly suited for molding process parameter optimization, small production batches or offline mold cleaning.
  • The MMS-X is ideal for low cost product development and to determine the process window for your product. Optimized parameters can easily be copied to the AMS-X, automatic molding system, for large scale production.
  • Original Besi molds can be used on both the MMS-X and AMS-X.

Technical Specification

  • Up to 30% higher output than competition
  • Low Cost of Ownership – with latest state of the art technology
  • Flash free – patented clamping mechanism
  • High quality molding – full process control, dynamic clamping
  • Low compound usage – unique runner design
  • Suited for High Density and Power products
  • Zero defect – 100% infeed and outfeed vision inspection possible

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