Automated SMT material goods in receiving process

Neo Scan Plus

Product Description

Neo Scan Plus is a cutting-edge solution designed to automate the SMT material receiving process. This system is expertly crafted to handle material ID recognition, registry, and the generation of Reel IDs/UIDs, along with relabeling tasks. It streamlines the handling of batch SMT reels, ensuring efficient and accurate processing of supplier-specific material information in various formats. Neo Scan Plus stands out as a pivotal tool in modern SMT material management, enhancing productivity and accuracy in the manufacturing sector.

Key Features

  • Advanced high-resolution vision system for accurate material information recognition
  • Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) loader and unloader for efficient material handling
  • Neo Scan software for material recognition, registry, new code building, and printing
  • Integrated barcode printer for easy labeling and tracking
  • Robotic arm for precise material sortation
  • Additional robotics arms dedicated to printing and relabeling tasks
  • High-resolution vision system for detailed material information recognition
  • AGV loader and unloader to streamline the material handling process
  • Neo Scan software, enhancing material recognition and registry capabilities
  • Barcode printer for efficient and accurate labeling
  • Robotic arm designed for sorting materials with precision
  • Additional robotics arms for efficient printing and relabeling
  • Powered by SMF (Smart Material Flow) technology for optimal materials control, automation, and management
  • API support for seamless integration with existing IT systems

Technical Specification

  • Material receiving: Loading port
  • Material supplying: Unloading port
  • Scanning area: 400 x 400 mm
  • Trolley: Yes
  • AVG: Yes
  • Relabel: Automatic
  • OCR: Option

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