Advanced Glovebox Welding Systems


Product Description

Hermetic sealing processes generally take place in gloveboxes or dryboxes which enclose the seam sealers in a controlled atmospheric environment. Amada offer a portfolio of Glovebox systems to meet a broad range of application and budgetary requirements. From the high-end AX5000 “Intelligent” enclosures through to the entry level Alpha Series systems, you are sure to find the perfect match for your requirements.

Key Features

The electronic device is loaded into an oven through the glovebox outer door. Parts are subjected to a vacuum bake out process to ensure a moisture free device prior to sealing. This process eliminates moisture from the surfaces of device and process materials like epoxies which may out gas in the package. After bake out, the operator opens the inner door and unloads the device into the enclosure to undergo the hermetic sealing process. The enclosure section of the glovebox is an automatically controlled dry environment. Dry inert gas like nitrogen or argon is purged into the enclosure to displace moisture saturated gas, while maintaining it at a slightly pressurized environment, preventing moisture from the ambient atmosphere from migrating into the glovebox. After sealing, parts are taken out of the enclosure and will undergo MILStd 883 hermetic seal, fine and gross leak testing.

Technical Specification


  • Advanced Glovebox Welding System – AX5000AX5000 is an ideal glovebox for the precise control of moisture, pressure and gas composition of a processing environment. It provides fully-integrated computer control of the system including enclosure pressure, interior and exterior doors, gas and moisture analysis and control instrumentation, vacuum ovens, and antechambers. The glovebox can maintain an inert environment with ultra-low moisture and oxygen levels to meet the most demanding process standards.

Key Features

  • Historical and real time graphical display of operating parameters, atmospheric conditions, status, data acquisition and oven bake out batch reports.
  • Independent vacuum pumping systems dedicated to automatically and completely evacuating designated chambers
  • Wide variety of vacuum oven configurations with exclusive closed-loop computer control and monitoring of each oven surface including heated shelves, ensures temperature stability
  • Automatic push button inner and outer doors on ovens and antechambers
  • Fully-integrated electronic gas pressure control system with user selectable set points and oil-less check valve
  • Integrated moisture, oxygen and helium gas analysers with real-time environmental control
  • Set points can be selected to trigger alarms or inhibit processes
  • Digital output provided for interface to process equipment


  • Modular Glovebox System – MX2000MX2000 is a modular glovebox system that can be configured to meet your specific process requirements and productivity goals with any combination of ovens and antechambers, gas analysers, moisture monitors, and environmental chambers and controls.

Key Features

  • Wide choice of control capabilities ensures your process and budget needs are met
  • A range of vacuum pumps – dry, rotary vane, turbo- molecular – to meet your antechamber or oven requirements.
  • Large window for excellent visibility and maintenance access.
  • Optional PLC for glovebox components is quickly programmed with easy-to-use software
  • Sturdy, rugged construction for long equipment life and stable process platform
  • Optional single or dual-column gas purification units deliver ultra-low moisture and oxygen levels
  • Modular design enables economical glovebox customization for new systems, as well as easy upgrades as your process needs evolve

Alpha Series

  • Entry-Level Gloveboxes – Alpha Series. The field proven Alpha Series glovebox systems provide compact and effective platforms for environmental control with excellent price to performance value. The Alpha Series is excellent for both production and R&D applications. The glovebox is available in two sizes: one for projection welding applications and the other for seam sealing or general industrial use. Straight-forward controls allow the operator to easily operate oven, vacuum and inert gas backfill controls.

Key Features

  • Configurations available for integrated seam sealing, projection welding, or stand-alone industry use
  • Stainless steel construction with exterior epoxy finish for easy maintenance
  • Ergonomically designed safety glass viewing window with interior lighting
  • Two glove ports with built-in armrests
  • Antechamber to transfer tools and product into enclosure
  • Standard oil-free vacuum pump with vacuum oven.
  • Optional vacuum bakeout oven
  • Easy access, clean antechamber
  • Calibrated to NIST standards
  • CE certification available

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