SIGMA X New Generation

Product Description

The SIGMA X from PARMI sets a new standard in 3D Solder Paste Inspection, combining advanced pattern recognition and machine intelligence. This next-generation system is designed to deliver unparalleled inspection accuracy and speed, regardless of material variations, surface conditions, or colors. It’s particularly adept at profiling PCBs to generate precise 3D shapes, outperforming other brands and technologies in this domain.

Key Features

  • Exceptional Inspection Speed: Achieves conveyor speeds up to 1000mm/sec, significantly reducing loading and unloading times.
  • Advanced Warpage Tracking: Identifies total board warpage up to 10mm (±5mm), with real-time Z-axis tracking to maintain optimal focus during measurement.
  • High Measurement Reliability: Inspection speed increased by 25-30% over previous models, with the SIGMA X Orange model inspecting at 100cm²/sec and the SIGMA X Blue at 60cm²/sec.
  • Innovative Whole Board Scanning: Precisely measures both the board surface and solder deposits, using dual laser projection to eliminate shadowing.
  • Stable Platform Design: Features a strong X/Y stage and base frame, with lightweight moving parts for vibration-free, high-accuracy motion.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Offers easily arranged and customizable windows, with multi-level accessibility settings for program and process integrity.
  • Integrated Process Analysis Software: SPCworksPro software provides both statistical and attribute SPC data, enabling effective monitoring and control of PARMI machines.

Technical Specification

  • Measuring Principle: Shadow-free Dual Laser Optical Triangulation.
  • Camera System: High Frame Rate C-MOS Sensor (4 Mega Pixels).
  • Scan Speed: 60 sq.cm/sec for SIGMA X Blue, 100 sq.cm/sec for SIGMA X Orange.
  • X-Y Resolution: 10 x 10 µm.
  • Height Resolution: 0.1 µm.
  • Supported Paste Types: All (Pb or Pb Free).
  • Board Type Compatibility: All colors and all pads.
  • Height Accuracy: 2 µm on a certification target.
  • Inspection Types: Height, Area, Volume, Offset, Bridge, Shape, Warpage, PCB shrink.
  • PCB Warpage Tolerance: ±5 mm (2%).
  • Board Dimension Range: Minimum 50 x 50 mm, maximum 480 x 350 mm (standard), 580 x 510 mm (large).
  • System Dimensions: 850 x 1205 x 1510 mm (standard), 950 x 1365 x 1510 mm (large).

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