Xceed New Generation

Product Description

The Xceed 3D AOI system represents a new generation of Automated Optical Inspection technology. This system is designed to provide high-speed, accurate inspections for PCBs, leveraging advanced 3D imaging and intelligent detection capabilities. It is particularly effective in handling various PCB materials and surface conditions, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of inspection needs in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: Features a specific UI configuration with docking window, making it easy and intuitive to use.
  • Real-Time Defect Analysis: Equipped with 2D/3D image analyzing tools for immediate defect identification.
  • Comprehensive Defect Detection: Capable of detecting various defect types including lead lift, solder joint, misalignment, and foreign materials.
  • Barcode Scan Functionality: Allows for quick defect history searches and practical statistical process analysis.
  • Mounter Accuracy Monitoring: Provides rapid monitoring capabilities with variable and statistical information.
  • Web Browser Accessibility: Enables task management through PC and mobile apps, offering one-screen monitoring for all machine statuses.
  • Barcode and Badmark Recognition: Increases process efficiency by recognizing various barcode formats during inspection.
  • Comprehensive Component Library Management: Includes features for managing inspection program login information and software versions.

Technical Specification

  • System Dimension: 850 x 1205 x 1525 mm (standard), 950 x 1310 x 1525 mm (large), 1310 x 1540 x 1525 mm (XL), 1720 x 1350 x 1525 mm (XXL), 850 x 1580 x 1510 mm (dual side) and weight of 750 kg (standard), 900 kg (large), 1100 kg (XL), 1200 kg (XXL), 950 kg (dual side).
  • Board Dimensions: 410 x 350 mm (standard), 510 x 510 mm (large), 810 x 610 mm (XL), 1200 x 450 mm (XXL), 410 x 320 mm (dual side).
  • Advanced Imaging: Utilizes a fast-speed CMOS camera with a telecentric lens and RGB LED lighting for clear imaging.
  • 3D Inspection Capabilities: Features dual laser projection for inspecting low components near high components, ensuring clear 3D imaging without noise.
  • Efficient Inspection Process: Achieves the fastest inspection speed of 65cm/sec at 14×14µm resolution, with a cycle time of 10 seconds for PCBs measuring 260mm x 200mm.
  • Real-Time Z-Axis Control: Ensures accurate measurements on the base and guarantees accuracy up to 10mm (±5mm) warpage.
  • Teaching and Debugging Efficiency: Offers a fast and easy teaching process with a high non-adjusted ratio, supporting inspection of components up to 40mm in height.

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