2D & 3D AOI for Semiconductor Packaging


Product Description

PARMI’s Xceed MICRO is a precise and high speed 2D & 3D AOI machine. It is optimized for inspections required in PCB, lead-frame, FC, and SiP assembly process such as die attach, cu clip attach, underfill, solder paste and ball attach. ‘Xceed MICRO’ delivers precise 2D inspection capability and at the same time it performs high speed 3D inspections (Height, Tilt, Lift, and Volume) with its highly focused laser beam. Additionally, ‘Xceed MICRO’ is the only machine capable of inspecting foreign material/contamination and warpage on the die surface, metal lead frame, and PCB substrates simultaneously.

Key Features

  • Extremely fast laser scan 2D & 3D AOI
  • Highly focused 2 channel laser for 3D data generation
  • 3D laser can inspect highly specular surfaces (Bare die, IPD, Die Attach, and Underfill fillet)
  • High bandwidth on a broad range of colours, surface roughness, and materials
  • Virtually zero escape & false call rates

Technical Specification

  • PARMI’s patented 2D & 3D vision optics unit (TRSC) creates 2D colour images by using a 3 channel RGB LED illumination system and 3D data with 2 channel laser sheet beam. The entire inspection is completed with only a single scan. It is possible to apply either 3.5μm or 7.0μm resolution vision unit selectively based on the required inspection application or measurement accuracy.
  • PARMI’s exclusive laser scan technology can accurately inspect highly specular components and materials such as bare die, IPD, and underfill fillet while other conventional AOI system reflect light away making inspection difficult. Since 3D data is created at a speed more than several hundred times faster than the laser pointer method, it is possible to perform 100% inspection and eliminate random sample inspection.
  • PARMI also guarantees extremely low ‘Escape’ and ‘False call’ rates through outstanding laser optical triangulation method.
  • The required time to make a single teaching program with the user friendly designed UI (User Interface) and advanced intelligent algorithm is typically less than 30 minutes. Moreover, various software tools such as e-Map, SPC (Statistical Process Control), operator 2nd verification, remote control and monitoring, and offline software are available.

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