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Accelonix Battery Wire Bonding services

Portfolio focus: Battery Wire Bonding services

Offered from our demonstration facility in Staplehurst, Kent, Accelonix’ prototype and small volume EV and heavy wire battery bonding services support customers in early stages of their battery pack prototyping project. The current momentum for vehicle electrification intensifies the ever-increasing need for rapid prototyping and small batch production to validate and give life to a proof of concept. With equipment delivery lead times becoming even longer due to strained supply chains, Accelonix is committed to support the electronics industry and allow our customers the ability to produce a battery pack within a short timescale.

Our team of factory-trained and highly skilled engineers can produce your battery pack prototype using Hesse GmbH’s market-leading BondJet BJ985 fully automatic heavy wire bonders without burdening your own resources and without having to wait for your own production machine to be delivered. We can bond with various materials including wire and ribbon, and we can accommodate a wide range of battery pack sizes as well as provide training and application support.

Using battery wire bonding services from Accelonix Ltd will allow you see that ultrasonic bonding technology is the right choice for your power application. Contact us here to discuss how we can support your project.

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