Accelonix presents The Hyperion

Accelonix welcomes a new addition to its GPD dispensing portfolio. The Hyperion from GPD-Global is a cutting-edge, compact and efficient system which comes with a host of features that will take your manufacturing experience to the next level.

The Hyperion is extremely versatile and operates a single pump during processing, but may accommodate different pump styles via an easy plug and play exchange. Smooth, quiet, and precise linear motor motion means it is perfect for clean room environments. 

This compact and efficient dispensing system is available in stand-alone and inline configurations. During transport, the belt moves with dynamic speed for quick, smooth transfer, reducing the time required to move a product through the system compared to traditional transport.

Equipped with smart chip technology, this advanced machine is sure to create a buzz in the Microelectronics industry and is definately a serious contender in the UK and Irish markets.