BJ830 Large Area Ball-Wedge Bonder

BJ830 Large Area Ball-Wedge Bonder
BJ830 Bondhead
BJ830 Ball Forming
BJ830 Screenshot
BJ830 Work Area

The Bondjet BJ830 is a fully automated, thermosonic fine wire ball-wedge bonder with a large working area. The BJ830 is designed for wire bonding challenges on a single platform. Typical applications are components in the HF and RF technology, COB, MCM and hybrids, opto and automotive electronics. The BJ830 defines the latest state of technological development compared to the competition and is benchmark for: the largest working area of ball-wedge bonders, Precise positioning according to great axis accuracy, High reliability and repeatability.


  • High precision touchdown detection without time delay, e.g. for bonding on very thin substrates
  • Precise bondforce control (static and dynamic)
  • Multi-level bonding according to Z axis stroke of 31 mm (1.22″)
  • E-Box: graphical ball inspection
  • Automated bondforce calibration
  • Rapid image capture with new digital image processing and flash light illumination

Technical Specification

  • Large working area X: 305 mm (12″); Y: 410 mm (16″); Z: 31 mm (1.22″) P-Rotation: 180° in the ball-wedge mode
  • BW01 Ball-Wedge Bondhead With Dual frequency transducer: primary frequency approx. 120 kHz, secondary frequency approx. 60 kHz
  • 17.5 µm – 50 µm (0.7 mil – 2.0 mil)
  • Max. sparking current: 100 mA (adjustable in time and level)
  • Detection of missing spark, short circuit and spark breakaway

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