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For over 25 years, Royce Instruments, Inc. has been an innovative global leader for design and manufacturing of precision assembly tools and high accuracy, low force bond testing equipment. Royce Instruments products include equipment for laser diode manufacturing, wire bond and die bond testing, semiconductor die pick and place into trays, waffle pack, and GelPak.

Royce Instruments equipment is utilized throughout the world by the leading semiconductor and photonics manufacturers, assembly subcontractors, computer manufacturers, aerospace companies, and most of the world's largest auto and medical electronics device manufacturers.

Royce 610 Multitest Bond Tester
Royce 610 Multitest Bond Tester

The Royce 610 Dedicated Wire Pull Bond Tester is designed for maximum throughput at an affordable cost, in a reliable system. The controls of the 610 are simple and ergonomic. Using the extremely flexible Leica S6 microscope, the 610 easily adjusts to accommodate a broad spectrum of users.

Royce 620 Multitest Bond Tester
Royce 620 Multitest Bond Tester

The Royce 620 Multitest Bond Tester offers an attractive bond test solution that is midway between the Royce 650 and the Royce 610. It performs all the most frequently used applications, and it employs manual sample positioning, which in some applications allows for higher productivity over a motorized XY stage.

Royce 650 Universal Bond Tester
Royce 650 Universal Bond Tester

The Royce 650 bond tester is the latest bond tester by Royce, which can be used to pull test, bond shear and die shear. It has a very user friendly S/W, which can be readily networked and the system has industry leading accuracy. The 650 system can also automatically collate and export a wide variety of SPC data, to ensure that quality of production can be easily tracked.

Royce MP300 Automatic Die Handling & Sorting System
Royce MP300 Die Sorter

The MP300 system is very flexible and easy to set up. Ideal for high mix, medium volume production or prototyping, wafer sizes from 3 inch (150mm) to 12 inch (300mm) and film frames and rings of any type are easily accommodated. Designed for quick change over of new die sizes with drop in output tooling. Our flexible wafer mapping approach and rich die binning options enables rapid accommodation of both current and legacy wafer map formats.

Royce System DE35-ST Semi-Automatic Die Handling System
Royce DE35-ST Die Sorter

The DE35-ST semi-automatic die pick and place system is an elegantly simple, low cost machine for picking die from sawn or scribed wafers mounted on adhesive film. Die can be placed into waffle packs, Gel-PakĀ®, film frame or directly onto substrates. The DE35-ST eliminates the inefficiencies and down time usually found in small lot production. Simple to learn and use, the DE35-ST requires no hand tools for die size changeover and setup.