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Besi offers a wide range of die attach systems based on leading-edge technology. The offering includes multi-chip bonders for advanced packaging, epoxy and soft solder bonders, high precision flip chip bonders for mass production, stacked die bonders and die sorting equipment. Besi leads the way in the die attach market, guaranteeing customers future-oriented, customized and flexible solution.

As one of the leaders in die attach for more than two decades, Besi is committed to surpassing its customers' needs by constantly setting new industry standards in die attach. Its die attach platforms constantly demonstrate the company's innovation strength and set already today the future industry standards. Besi's die sorting equipment incorporate advanced technologies and cover a wide variety of processes.

Datacon Evo & Evo Plus

The Datacon 2200 EvoPlus die bonder for Multi Module Attach assembles all kinds of technologies on a tried-and-tested platform, enhanced with key features for higher bonding accuracy and lower cost-of-ownership. Besides unbeaten flexibility and full customization possibilities, this evolutionary machine offers higher accuracy with long-term stability using a new camera system and thermal compensation algorithm, higher speed through a new image processing unit, and improved cleanroom capabilities.

Datacon Chameo & FC Quantum

Besi offers flip chip systems for mass production as well as for the high-end sector, covering a wide range of flip chip processes.

Esec 2100 Series

In back-end semiconductor manufacturing, the die attach process is a critical step. At first glance, die attach seems to be a simple process step in the semiconductor manufacturing chain. However, the continuously increasing requirements of today's applications set high standards in die bonding. Besi's die attach equipment is based on unique and innovative concepts offering economical benefits to customers.

Esec 2009 Series

Besi Switzerland is a globally leading designer and supplier of fully automated soft solder die attach equipment for the power semiconductor mass market. Its more than 30 years of experience and broad base of installed soft solder systems make Besi Switzerland a valuable partner for your current and future power applications.