Akrometrix Thermal Warpage and Strain Metrology

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Akrometrix is the global leader in the thermal warpage and strain metrology markets. Based on Shadow Moiré fringe technology and on a modular methodology, the systems will provide warpage metrology over a temperature range from -50 to +300°C at 3°C per second with a z-axis resolution to 0.85 µm. Users will be able to measure substrate & component warpage at room temperature and at critical temperature thresholds, understand the mating interface and coplanarity between two substrates and will be able to observe and measure how temperature affects strain on materials.

A range of systems will cater for substrates up to 610 x 600 mm, with modules to cater for step height measurement and for strain and coefficient of thermal expansion.

Warpage can be assessed over a programmable temperature range for individual die, components, PCB’s, and targeted regions of fully populated boards on virtually any substrate. The systems are supplied with the Akrometrix Studio Software Suite.

AXP 2.0 Thermal Warpage and Strain Measurement Tool

This modular metrology tool utilises Shadow Moiré measurement technology with automated phase stepping for out of plane displacement of samples to 400 mm square. Programmable time - temperature profiling allows the user to fully define the mechanical behaviour of products induced by real world processes and operating environments. It is ideal for failure and defect analysis as well as quality assurance and control. Optional modules provide for step height measurement, convection reflow emulation and strain and coefficient of thermal expansion assessment.

PS600S Thermal Warpage Measurement Tool

The PS600S offers the user a thermal warpage tool capable of working with samples to 600 mm x 600 mm over a definable temperature range from room temperature to 300°C. This is an ideal tool for the user who needs to characterise very large boards and is the largest temperature metrology tool available to the market.

PS200S Thermal Warpage and Strain Measurement Tool

Using the same Shadow Moiré technology as the AXP 2.0, the PS200S  is a laboratory based solution for products up to 150 mm x 200 mm. The PS200S uses the same software suite as the AXP 2.0, and will measure surface strain and coefficients of thermal expansion from room temperature upwards.

TTSM Table Top Shadow Moiré Warpage Measurement Tool

The TTSM provides a cost effective solution when room temperature measurement of warpage of components or panels to 300 mm square is essential in a production or laboratory environment. Utilising the Shadow Moiré process, the TTSM will allow bench top or inline solutions when high speed surface warpage assessment is required. Allowing for wafers or panels to 300 mm square, or 2 JEDEC trays, an automated full field of view inspection of 1.2 million data points takes place in under two seconds. Resolution in the z-axis is 1.25 µm with minimum sample sizes of 4 mm square. The STUDIO software suite will also support Part Tracking when multiple samples are presented.

AKM600P Warpage Measurement Tool For Fan Out Wafer Level Packages (FOWLP)

Derived from the highly successful PS600S PCB thermal warpage tool, the AKM600P has been adapted for the Fan Out Wafer Level Packages (FOWLP) market. Capable of assessing wafer and panel sized samples, it will accommodate panels to 610 mm x 600 mm and to die level warpage. Calibration is performed against a traceable NIST standard.

Akrometrix Module Options

Depending on the tasks required and the model of system, modules can be added to enhance the capability of selected systems. The Digital Image Correlation module provides non-contact surface measurement for surface strain and coefficients of thermal expansion, Digital Fringe Projection measures out of plane warpage where step height changes are present, Convection Reflow Emulation Module for improved replication of the reflow solder process heating, and the Convective Module to cool samples down to -50°C.

Akrometrix Software Suite

Akrometrix Studio is an advanced set of integrated software modules that work together to run all Akrometrix equipment. The Studio software suite takes users from profile creation, through warpage measurement, temperature profiling, analysis of warpage data, and reporting seamlessly. Studio software users will have nearly the same experience in working with different Akrometrix measurement technologies and different Akrometrix measurement tools.

The Studio Suite is broken up into a series of programs that work together, and consist of Profile Generator (temperature), Surface Measurement (setting up), Thermal profiler (Measure warpage over temperature) and Surface Analysis (data processing and batch processing).