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Case Study: Roughness Measurement of an Impeller Component

hard disk
Flatness Hard Drive Part

The CT products are ideal for the assessment of surface issues on complex shapes such as impeller blades. The Confocal white light sensor technology means that the objective scans above the component surface, so clearing higher features while allowing the measurement of surfaces below even in recesses. In addition, they are suited to measuring materials which are highly reflective. The resultant data set can be used for feature measurement as well as well as surface roughness evaluation. This can be exported and compared with CAD models. The systems can be fully automated for production environments as well as one-off measurements.

Key Points

  • Confocal white light sensor suited to required measurement range
  • 300 mm square table to accommodate full range of customer component sizes
  • Step and repeat function to assess key areas only
  • Library of measurement parameters to international standards including ISO 25178
  • Parameter analysis fully automated using ASCAN software
  • Filters to separate flatness from surface roughness