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Case Study: Flatness of Hard Disk Dive Component

hard disk
Flatness Hard Drive Part

Flatness of components in the hard disk drive assembly is crucial to prevent the read/write heads impacting with the disk surfaces. A good understanding of flatness will assist in the control of the production process.

In this application a free standing cyberTECHNOLOGIES CT 300 system has been used in a production environment, enabling the operator to place components onto the stage, and then take advantage of the of the automated capabilities of the cyberTECHNOLOGIES software to correct for placement error, then scan, acquire and process the data according to the required tolerances.

The results are available in 3D and 2D profile, with a full library of height, flatness, and surface roughness parameters which are selectable depending on the application. The results can be exported in several formats, and colour warning indications can be shown according to the required tolerances.

Key Points

  • Confocal white light sensor
  • Platform sized to accommodate several devices simultaneously
  • Scanning and analysis fully automated for rapid unattended scanning
  • Statistical Process Control reporting
  • Floor standing option for production environment
  • Expandable to allow for second sensor type