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3D Additive Manufacturing – Loughborough University

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“3D Fashion is a collaborative project based at Loughborough University, and is working to develop additive manufactured garments and textiles on a commercial scale. In order to improve the tactile properties of these textiles, the project has been experimenting with methods that reduce the rough nature of the 3D printed surface. With the use of the CT 100, we have been able to quantify the resultant surface finishes of these processes, as well as being able to clearly visualise the textures created on a detailed level. With only a small amount of training this could be achieved quickly and easily, and has allowed us to evaluate and optimise a complete finishing process.”

Loughborough Design School

The system used in this project was the CT 100 compact, high resolution non-contact profilometer. It was fitted with a P-CHR-1000 confocal white light sensor with a resolution of 0.035 μm, measurement range of 1000 μm, and a working height above the surface of 20.8mm. The scanning, data acquisition and reporting were automated using the AScan software.

Key Points

  • 35 nm resolution, 1 mm measurement range for optimum scanning
  • Confocal white light sensor for excellent response from bright white surface
  • Surface roughness assessed using methods to international standards
  • Motorized z-axis for automated height changes
  • Range Extender feature to extend height measurements
  • 3D graphics provide quality surface images for reporting
  • ASCAN automation software allowed repeated scan, analysis, recording and image saving
  • High resolution camera fitted to assist with setting up and image grabbing